Deliverables of the KnowSeas project

Deliverables of the KnowSeas project grouped by project Work Package. Internal documents may be made available by contacting [email protected]

WP 2:Policy Frame

D2.1: The Ecosystem Approach and Europe's Seas: A draft conceptual framework for use in KnowSeas-internal document

D2.2: Managing Europe's Seas: A scoping study of issues, policies and actors

D2.3: Design of Decision Space Analysis

D2.4: The Ecosystem Approach in Marine Management

WP 3:Causes and Consequences of Ecosystem Change

D3.1: Conceptual design of methodology and tools for scaling marine ecosystems, assessing past and current trends, and estimating future trends-internal document

D3.2: Final design of methodology and tools-internal document

D3.3: Foreseeable factors and constraints for specifying Good Environmental Status, as identified by the regional case studies

D3.4: Evaluation of methodology and tools

WP 4:Analysis of Costs and Benefits

D4.2: Aggregate assessment of benefits and costs

D4.3: Assessment of future benefits

D4.4: Recognising Cost in the Assessment of Management Strategies and Options

WP 5:Social and Institutional Analysis

D5.1: Scoping report on conceptual model and methodological frame for multilevel governance assessment-internal document

D5.2: Outline for EEZ social and institutional analysis case studies and regional governance profiles-internal document

D5.3: Comparative assessment between case studies for social and insitiutional analysis and Regional Governance Profiles

WP 6:Assessment Toolbox

D6.1: Conceptual design of EBMS-internal document

D6.2: Development of risk assessment- DEcision MAking (DEMA) tool and demonstration-internal document

D6.3: Development of corrective action- COnflict REsolution (CORE) tool and demonstration-internal document

D6.4: Development of GIS information platform tool and demonstration-internal document

D6.5: Development of Enhancing Stakeholder CApacity (ESCA) tool and demonstration-internal document

D6.6- D6.12: Development of EBMS guidelines

D6.13: Final construction of Ecosystem-Based Management System

WP 7:Baltic Sea

D7.1: Report on key challenges for the implementaion of the goals of the Blatic Sea Action Plan, and the Maritime Policy, including the Marine Strategy Framework Directive-internal document

D7.2: Report on the ptoential for improved health in the case study area

D7.3: Report on the possible policy instruments and their likely consequences in the case study area

WP 8:Black Sea

D8.1:Report on the locations crucial for the functioning for the Black Seas ecosystems and scale mismatches that could constrain management-internal document

D8.2:Report on the environmental stauts of the Balck Sea (regional scale), including issues such as water quality, quality of marine habitats, ecosystem structure and functioning-internal document

D8.3:Assessment report of environmental goods and services of selected Black Sea ecosystems-internal document

D8.4:Report on Rapana fisheries. Suggestions of solutions to the management dilemma. Assessment of governance options

D8.5:Report on the description of "Good Environmental Status" for the Balck Sea and resulting sustainable management options. Suggestions for marine protected areas

WP 9:Mediterranean Sea

D9.1:Development of the methodological approch for teh Mediterranean case study-internal document

D9.2:Current and Future GES in the Mediterranean Sea-internal document

D9.3:Modelling activity for the Mediterranean case study-internal document

WP 10:North East Atlantic/ North Sea

D10.1:Report on the scope of regional North Sea and specific NEA case studies including data and tool requirements and dissemination mechanisms - internal document

D10.2:Report on the North Sea reginoal case study

D10.3:Report on the case study- Deep-water fishereis and the impact of fishing gears on cold-water biogenic reefs in the North East Atlantic

D10.4:Report on the case study- The develoment of offshore wind farms in teh North Sea in the context of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive adn the EU Maritime Policy Bluebook